2022 K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots

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Color: Brown
$263 $349.99


We designed the Maysis to perform like a workhorse and fit like a glove, and it’s feature-forward design has it ranked as a perennial best seller. It starts with a heat-moldable liner made of open-cell Intuition® foam - allowing the liner to form to the exact shape of your leg, ankle, and foot for superior fit, warmth, and comfort.

The secret to the award winning fit is our Conda™ liner lacing system. Powered by a BOA® Fit System dial, this forgiving and adjustable harness is designed to pull the users heel into the heel pocket of the boot. This urethane-based harness hugs your ankle and flexes naturally.

Externally, we started with an articulating cuff to reduce distortion when flexing the knee, and we’ve added an abrasion-resistant rubber compound for unrelenting durability. A high-powered BOA® Fit System H4 Coiler closes the shell securely, and can be done without removing your gloves. Lastly, to add durability and maintain the flex of the boot over the lifetime of the boot, we constructed the K2 Maysis using our Endo™ technology.

Underfoot, we’ve used premium materials to improve damping and grip. The outsole is built using our proprietary This Grips!™ dual-rubber compound to provide excellent grip both on and off the snow. This is all set atop a dual density midsole comprised of a lightweight EVA and our proprietary Harshmellow™, designed to dampen vibration on rough terrain and cushion big landings.

SIZE 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13

COLOR Brown, Teal, Vert, Tie-Dye


SNOWBOARD BOOT LACING BOA® Stainless Steel , H4 Coiler BOA® Fit System

SNOWBOARD BOOT UPPER Articulating Cuff , Endo™ Construction , Rubber Reinforced

SNOWBOARD BOOT LINER EXTRAS Internal J -Bars , External J-Bars , Cored Ankle Pockets

SNOWBOARD BOOT LINER CONSTRUCTION Intuition® Control Foam 3D , Recycled Coffee Mesh



SNOWBOARD BOOT OUTSOLE This Grips™ Premium Rubber , Harshmellow™


THE H4 COILER BOA® FIT SYSTEM: The H4 Coiler BOA® Fit System focuses on the instep of the boot. This feature generates unrivaled heel hold and creates a secure fit for quick edge response.

CONDA™ BOA® LINER LACING: A BOA® Fit System powered heel retention system built to gentle hug the riders ankle and eliminate heel lift.

THIS GRIPS!™ RUBBER OUTSOLE: Our proprietary rubber compound delivers excellent grip and durability on all terrain types and is integrated with Harshmellow™ foam to dampen chatter and vibration.

INTUITION® CONTROL FOAM 3D: Built with a blend of high and medium density Intuition® foam, this is our most versatile liner. With internal and external J-Bars and a 3D molded EVA insole, the Control Foam 3D liner is built to provide all-day comfort and support.

RUBBER REINFORCED ARTICULATING CUFF UPPER: Long-lasting durability meets articulation around the flex point of the boots to shell distortion, retain shape, and eliminate heel lift.

ARTICULATING CUFF UPPER WITH HDR PREMIUM SYNTHETICS: Durable synthetic materials are paired with articulation around the flex point of the boots to shell distortion, retain shape, and eliminate heel lift

ENDO™ 2.0 CONSTRUCTION: A tough and abrasion resistant heel-counter that helps retain the boot’s original flex and shape throughout the lifespan of the boot.

HARSHMELLOW™ VIBRATION DAMPING: Harshmellow™ is a magical dampening system that replaces industry standard foam dampening materials. Harshmellow™ dampens the specific target vibration for each product and works to create the smoothest ride imaginable.

3D FORMED EVA FOOTBED: Provides anatomically correct cushioning and support and built from tough EVA foam.