2023 Marker Squire 10 + Screw Kit



The Marker Squire 10 is an excellent binding for the true beginner, mellow intermediate or the growing tween who is looking for a lightweight and dependable binding. The Squire 10 is all about keeping the binding light, with the Triple Pivot Light 2 Toe and Plastic Gliding AFD. The Compact Heel also helps reduce the weight, and is very easy to step into for the user. A 20mm Stand Height will add control and easier skiing.

Compatible with GripWalk and Alpine Boot Soles

20mm Stand Height-Adds control and easier steering.

Triple Pivot Light 2 Toe Piece-Weight reduction, without any compromise to release.

Plastic Gliding AFD-Provides consistent release, even with worn or dirty boot soles, while keeping the binding light.

Compact Heel-Lightweight and easy to step into.