2023 Faction La Machine 3 Mega



La Machine Mega boasts a slightly trimmer waist than ‘La Machine original,’ whose cult status inspired the production of an entire family of skis in its name. This slimmer version offers similar float as compared to its fatter sibling, but in a more versatile package—for ample flotation on the deepest of days and nimble handling when the weather's high and dry. Its progressive, rockered shape allows for hook-free pivoting and surfing across any & all snow you may encounter on your ski-touring adventures.

You'll love this ski if:

You want extended tip and tail rocker for effortless turn initiation

You need a super-light free-touring ski for long expeditions

You need a floaty ski that easily surfs above variable snow conditions in the backcountry

You want a premium, carbon-loaded ski for torsional strength on the downhill, without the bulk