2024 Blizzard Sheeva 11



From huge spine lines in Alaska to a blower powder day at your local hill, the Sheeva 11 knows a thing or two about getting down. Fully redesigned with input from our top freeride athletes, the party animal of the Sheeva family is back and ready to rage. Sheeva 11 is fueled by an energetic Freeride Trueblend woodcore and an all-new FluxForm W.S.D. technology that's designed to give you the confidence you're looking for at high speeds, all while retaining the playful attitude that the Sheeva name is built on. While the Sheeva 11 was born to bag freeride podiums and stomp huge lines, what it does best is put smiles on the faces of ripping ladies all over the world who live to chase hero snow with their crew from bell to bell.

TRUEBLEND FREE WOODCORE PERFECT BALANCED FLEX We have designed a specific Trueblend Free Woodcore for our freeride / back country category skis. It combines beech and poplar – two wood types that guarantee performance – with paulownia for a lightweight, yet high-performance wood core. The result: the right flex to cover for all backcountry requirements in a lighter package.

PERFORMANCE WITHOUT COMPROMISES The Trueblend Free Woodcore specifically positions three different densities of wood together to form a woodcore that is specifically designed to optimize the flex of the ski and deliver a smooth and balanced feeling. This blending of the different densities of wood creates three distinct flex zones; a softer flex zone in the tip and tail areas, that facilitates easy turn initiation and release, a medium flex zone in front of and behind the binding, that helps deliver confidence and control and finally a stiffer flex zone in the center, underneath the binding, that guarantees perfect edge grip and stability. Trueblend woodcores are designed to provide just the right amount what you need, performance, control, and confidence, to do what you want, when you want anywhere on the mountain.

TRUEBLEND WOODCORE W.S.D. An exclusive blend of woods providing 3 areas of density High density wood stringer The TRUE BLEND WOODCORE technology is made of a blend of two different woods. The high density wood stringers are built into the ski wood core. By modifying their length and number, we can control the flex very precisely. Harder flex in the center where you need more strength and softer in the tip and tail for more forgiveness and an easy power release. The right flex where you need it Thanks to the True Blend WoodCore technology we are able to control the flex precisely through the whole length of the ski, maintaining the desidered behaviour the same for all sizes.