b, halfmoon Everyday Yoga Mat - 4mm

Color: Deep Blue


super grip

highly absorbent

light weight


I am present, I am powerful, I am supported.

Bring your practice onto your b, mat with stability and confidence. This eco-friendly yoga mat has been designed with any movement in mind. Whether you're swiftly moving through a fast-paced power flow, or sinking deeply into a restorative practice, the b, mat everyday’s combination of super grip and 4mm of cushion keeps each movement slip-free and supported.

The 100% rubber material gives our coveted b, mat it’s powerful grippy surface. With this mat you can feel assured that your hands and feet will stay planted and grounded, as you breathe, sink in, and move through your practice.

Be present, be powerful, we have you supported. The b, mat will forever change your practice.


71" x 26" x 0.2" (180.34 x 66.04 cm x 4 mm)