Backcountry Access Analog Thermometer




An accurate and useful thermometer that will inform you about potential avalanche terrain. Know the temperature gradient of your snowpack to stay safe and prevent accidents while in the backcountry.


The Backcountry Access analog thermometer is a valuable snow safety tool that allows you to accurately measure the temperature gradient of the snowpack. With the ability to measure the snow and air’s temperature, you can prevent an accident by avoiding avalanche terrain. This product comes with a sling for easy attachment to skis during air temperature reading. Be sure to bring the thermometer on your next backcountry excursion.

BCA designed its snow study tools in conjunction with North America’s most experienced avalanche educators. Backcountry Access snow study tools allow you to gather all of the data you need, without breaking the bank. Comes included with the BCA Snow Study Kit


SKU C1318SS24010

WEIGHT .6 lbs / 26 g

DIMENSIONS 5.3 x 1.0 in / 13.5 x 2.5 cm

HIGHLIGHT 20 mm diameter dial Sling for easy attachment to skis during air temperature reading

TEMPERATURE RANGE -40 degree C to 70 degree C (-40 degree F to 158 degree F)