Black Diamond Miniwire Alpine Quickdraw 3-pack



A three pack of their MiniWire Alpine Draw, these quickdraws are built to provide essential protection on ice, alpine and trad routes that demand a light and fast style. The Black Diamond MiniWire Alpine Quickdraw is a multi-functional biner-and-runner combo that is usable either in standard quickdraw configuration or fully extended.

Featuring two new MiniWire carabiners, which are the lightest, fully-functional carabiner in the Black Diamond line-up and a 60 cm (ie. Shoulder length) 8mm tubular 100% Dynex runner that’s light, abrasion-resistant and absorbs less water than nylon, the MiniWire is ideal for mountain missions when light is right.


* Length: 60 cm

* Width: 8 mm

* Weight: 195 g / 6.88 oz

* Closed Gate Strength: 20 kN / 4,496 lbf * Gate Opening: 21 mm / 0.83 in

* Minor Axis Strength: 7 kN / 1,574 lbf

* Open Gate Strength: 7 kN / 1,574 lbf


* Lightweight MiniWire carabiners—lightest in BD line

* 8 mm, 60 cm tubular 100% Dynex Runner in an alpine quickdraw configuration

* Usable as an alpine quickdraw or a full-length sling for extending placement