Blind OG Stacked Wheels



The 4-pack Blind OG Stacked wheels are suitable for skateboards. The quality of the urethane used for these wheels is durable and built for shredding. They are cast from skateboard-friendly SHR-PU rubber (Super High Rebound) and enable you to go fast while damping vibrations at the same time. The small 51mm wheels are your street setup for pop and good balance. Whereas the medium-sized 53mm wheels will serve you as an all-arounder for street, park and small ramps.

The hard and longlasting Blind wheels with a hardness of 99A are great for maintaining speed and solid trick landings.

Wheel diameter:51mm, 53mm

Bearings and spacers:Not included

Wheel hardness:99A

Wheel material:PU casted, SHR