Kuhl Men's Bravado Long Sleeve

Color: Sun-dried Tomato


The Kuhl Bravado represents our quest to create the perfect long-sleeved t-shirt. Constructed of 100% Wildfibre Organic Cotton™ with a Crystal Polish finish, this luxurious crew is highly breathable, super absorbent, supremely comfortable next to your skin. Wildfibre Organic Cotton™ is among the finest available cotton KÜHL can source, and a comparable fabric is not readily found on the market.

To achieve a Crystal Polish finish, cotton receives a very light brushing with an ultra-fine brush. The fabric becomes super soft but not as peached. Peaching occurs when brush strokes sand the upper fibers to soften the endpoints. Crystal polishing sands the fibers to such a fine degree that the ends are not only polished, but they also become shorter. With shorter fiber length on the outer surfaces of the cotton, less air is trapped and the fabric holds less heat. Wildfibre Organic Cotton™ with crystal polish finishing is not only softer against the skin - it’s truly Kuhl!

Saddle stitch seams reduce bulk, and offset shoulder seams add comfort and style. Grosgrain ribbon at the back collar, bottom hem, and side vents add durability.*

Fabric: WILDFIBRE 100% Organic Cotton with Crystal Polish


* 100% Wildfibre organic cotton with a crystal polish finish for unmatched luxury

* Saddle stitch seams reduce bulk and combined with the extraordinary craftsmanship brings a level of luxury not usually found in a crew

* Offset shoulder seams add comfort and style

* Grosgrain grain ribbon at back collar, bottom hem and side vents for added durability