Creature Deck Fractura 8.25



From the depths of last year’s quarantine, we announced the #CreatureGraphicFreakOut contest to challenge fiends all over the world to see if they had what it takes to manifest a sick-ass Creature Graphic. With over 2,000 art pieces entered, the Overlordz were amazed and consumed every eye-stabbing piece to the point of mental exhaustion. But in the end, we chose @print__in__hell as the graphic victor and gave it the full Creature treatment! Ladies and gentlemen, we now give you the LTD release of the Fractura deck. Get one now cuz they’ll be straight up gone tomorrow.

LENGTH 32.04 in

WIDTH 8.25 in

WHEEL BASE 14.353 in

NOSE LENGTH 6.895 in

TAIL LENGTH 6.512 in