Grangers Footwear Repel Spray



This spray-on waterproofing treatment ensures your feet are adventure-ready!


Specially formulated to restore the water-repellent finish of all footwear uppers

Maximises breathability

Adds durable water repellency

Bluesign® approved


Effective without heat activation

Nobody likes wet feet. Imagine you’re out walking in lovely supportive boots, then there’s an unexpected downpour of rain and, all of a sudden, your boots feel like squelching sponges. Well, don’t worry, there’s a really simple solution and it’s called Footwear Repel.

By spraying your footwear with this simple-to-use formulation, your feet will stay dry, regardless of the weather.

It’s simple to use, harmless to the environment, all you do is spray on, allow to dry and your feet will be fully protected once more.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this product today to ensure no more sour faces when you get caught out in the rain because #withgrangersyoucan.

*Top tip* We always recommend cleaning footwear before applying any water-repellent treatment.


•Spray directly onto a freshly-cleaned, damp footwear from roughly 10-15cm away.

•Remove any excess product with a clean cloth.

•Allow to dry naturally.