GSI Outdoors Glacier SS Nesting Red Wine Glasses



Weighs 0.29 LBS (0.13 KG ) / GSI Outdoors part #63310.

Made of rugged stainless steel, the Glacier Stainless Nesting Wine Glass' compactly nesting size and lightweight design goes wherever you do. The unique stem design unscrews to allow the base to be compactly snapped into the bowl for storage.

* Material: Stainless Steel

* Size: 450 ml

* Dimensions: 3.60" x 3.60" x 4.70"

* Product Use: Car Camping, Gourmet Backpacking

* Includes: 15.2 fl. oz. Wine Glass, Nesting Stem Base

* Made of rugged, virtually indestructible Glacier stainless steel for years of use.

* Durable base snaps into rim for efficient packing and storing.

* Stable, non-slip base grips uneven surfaces.

* Wine glass holds 15.2 oz.