Happy Yak Spanish Scrambled Eggs



At Happy Yak our main goal is to satisfy you while giving you the energy to fulfill your dreams, your passions and to feed the beast in you! Our secret: Nutritionally balanced meals, first quality ingredients, proven recipes, all of this with a distinctive taste. Your satisfaction is important to us, that’s why we always strive to offer you the best experience with impeccable service.


Among all the pieces of equipment that you can get: Jacket, boots, backpack, skis, bikes, kayak, etc… what is the single “piece of equipment” that will help you complete your day and ultimately your projects, from start to finish?



You have to keep well, rest, recharge and of course nourish yourself! Happy Yak is without a doubt the reference in meal solutions for active and passionate people. The pleasure of eating well outdoors is what drives us. We explore flavours and we encourage novelty and variety.


Here are 5 reasons why Happy Yak is constantly innovating to meet your expectations:


  1. Generous portions
  2. Ingredients that you recognize and appreciate
  3. Low in sodium
  4. High protein content
  5. A variety of succulent, delicious and nutritionally balanced dishes