HydraPak Recon 1L (32oz)

Color: Navy Cyan


The RECON is our first sustainable outdoor water bottle series, made from 50% recycled content* in both the cap and bottle. Topped with our new patented twist cap that provides an experience like drinking out of a glass. RECON was born out of the collective belief that great gear for the trail can and should be lower impact on the environment. An enlightened way to hydrate.

*Recycled content is achieved through allocation of a third-party recycled plastic using a mass balance method.

50% RECYCLED CONTENT* Cap and bottle made clear using Tritan® Renew™ material – impact, stain, and odor resistant

SMOOTH FLOW TWIST CAP 180° turn delivers the perfect flow rate for a glasslike drinking experience, twist back to close for leakproof transport

SLENDER BOTTLE SHAPE Designed to fit in your backpack pocket, but versatile enough for everyday use – fits in most cup holders

BAIL HANDLE Flexible TPU bail handle is comfortable to carry lightweight and nearly indestructible