Indy STG11 Forged Hollow - Hawk Transmission Trucks - 2pk



At 10% lighter than standard stage 11’s, we present to you the Forged Hollow Tony Hawk Independent Trucks. They feature a forged base plate, hollow kingpins and hollow axles.

Independent Forged Hollow Tony Hawk Transmission trucks feature artwork by Mark Mothersbaugh. Polished silver hanger with pad printed Hawk logo art graphic on front and laser etched signature on back, anodized neon green baseplate, black cushions, and silver hardware.

These trucks are great for any skill level. Riders young and old can feel the difference in Independents control versus the next leading truck. This 1978 founded brand has been innovating in skateboarding since day 1. From designing trucks for serious pool skating to reinventing trucks for street use, Independent is a name you can trust.

Hollow axles and kingpins

Perfect for decks 8.2-8.375

Artwork by Mark Mothersbaugh

Tony Hawk Collab