Mammut Probe 320 Speed Lock



For reliable detection of buried subjects: the Probe 320 speed lock is specially designed for professional use. Made from durable aluminum. The newly developed, glove-compatible Speed Lock system ensures maximum probe stability and rigidity. Safety Orange color marks the probe's 150 cm as a visual guide. Total length: 320 cm.


Number of segments: 8

Diameter: 13 mm

Collapsed length: 45 cm

Extended length: 320 cm

Tensioning system: Speed Lock System Speed-lock system – fast, individually lockable tensioning system

Stable, lightweight probe segment made from durable aluminum Extremely precise probe scaling on both sides

Durable tensile tensioning cord for maximum stability of probe tensioning system

Drop-shaped probe tip for energy-saving probing

Suitable for use with gloves

Practical probe cover with integrated emergency plan


Item no.2620-00130

Weight [g]340 Cut

Basic Material & technology

Material: Aluminium