Nanox Supreme Wax Spray - 200ml



Can't find the time to hot-wax your skis or snowboard? Now you can with Nanox all-temperature, all-snow condition spray-on ski and snowboard wax.


With Nanox Supreme Wax Spray you only need ONE wax for all snow conditions & temperatures.

You cannot choose the wrong wax no matter conditions.

Super easy and fast application.

Nanox has the highest & unequalled gliding properties of any wax and is up to 5% faster.

Stays in your base longer than other waxes and is extremely resistant to abrasion.

It's non-toxic.

Nanox spray wax DOES NOT contain Fluorine.

Saves you money because you're buying only one wax instead of many for different temperatures.

200ml will wax 30-35 pairs of adult skis and 40-45 pairs of junior length skis and 25-30 boards.

Designed for those who run out time to hot-wax.


Clean the base with your preferred method (see options in video below).

Shake well and spray uniformly all over the entire base holding spray at approximately 20cm from the base.

Let dry for 5-10 mins

Brush with the SIDECUT nylon brush only.

Polish too a high sheen with the SIDECUT nylon brush by vigorously scrubbing back & forth on the base.


With ALL NANOX products, leaving the waxes on longer does NOT make the skis faster. We recognise these simple waxing protocols may not be what you're used to, however once you realise that you are faster with NANOX you'll appreciate the system.

To guarantee optimal performance with NANOX, it is required that the structure of the base conforms to the snow conditions and that the ski has been ground absolutely flat and fiber-free.

With constant use Nanox not only protects the base by lasting longer but also creates changes to the base at the molecular level - known as “higher ground speed”. Use it exclusively and see the difference.

Used by: Ski racers, Free-riders, Snowboarders and Nordic skiers.

NANOX. It's Simply Faster.