Nemo Moonlander Table



Moonlander’s sleek design and high-quality hardware exceeds expectations on every level, from durability to aesthetics. Custom engineered aluminum hinges are molded into the table for the ultimate in security and longevity — always aligned, without the need to be tightened for smooth functionality. Rugged aluminum composite poles with carbon fiber and zinc pole tips snap into place easily with a locking twist to elevate to side table height. When not in use, legs lock into a storage area on the underside of the table for a tidy pack up. A smooth, impervious tabletop surface is heat resistant and cleans easily. A sharply designed, padded case slips over packed Moonlander™ to easily fit into the laptop sleeve of a backpack or soft cooler.

Whether you’re an avid camper who appreciates the convenience of stable, clean surface in the woods, or just looking to have the most stylish day picnic setup for all of your trips to the park or beach, Moonlander™ takes the fun to a new level.

Materials: Aluminum hardware, heat stabilized nylon top, carbon fiber/ zinc pole tips

* Minimum Weight: 4 lb 8 oz / 2.06 kg

* Packed Weight: 4 lb 14 oz / 2.2 kg

* Capacity: 100 lb / 45 kg

* Dimensions: 19 x 15 x 16 in / 48 x 37 x 40 cm

* Packed Size: 14.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 in / 37.3 x 23.9 x 3.4 cm

* Included Accessories: Side table legs, padded carrying case


* Table: 16 in / 40 cm

* Picnic: 4 in / 10 cm (Intended to be use without chairs)


* Smooth, impervious, durable tabletop surface is made of heat stable nylon to endure the elements and clean easily

* Dual-height design offers low picnic blanket setup or deploy hidden legs for elevated side table

* High-quality hardware brings next level detail, durability, and clean aesthetic

* Custom-engineered aluminum hinges are blind molded into the tabletop for a lifetime of performance

* Solid aluminum legs are integrated with carbon fiber and zinc pole tips for a stable and supportive outdoor camp table

* Side table height is 16 inches, while picnic height (intended to be used without chairs) is 4 inches

* Setup is intuitive, quick, and easy — simply open for picnic level or connect and insert poles with a twist for side table height

* Includes a sharply designed, padded case that simply slips over packed Moonlander™

* Easily fits into the laptop sleeve of a backpack or soft cooler easy carry