Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Ultra

Color: Black


The Buckshot Pro Ultra is a Bluetooth speaker, flashlight, and portable charger that can be used just about anywhere and in any situation. The speaker is packed with hi-fi sound and a surprising amount of bass. The flashlight has multiple lighting modes: high beam, low beam, lantern, and SOS/strobe. The power out lets you take advantage of the 2600 mAh rechargeable battery. So you get some extra power to your phone, GoPro, or other small electronics.

The best things come in three’s. Third planet from the sun, the Three Amigos, three tacos for three bucks on taco Tuesday, and of course the all-in-one speaker, power bank, and flashlight pack; the Buckshot Pro Ultra. Some said it couldn’t be done. Some said it shouldn’t be done. Who are those people saying those things and can they just mind their own business? Now, like our good buddy Frank used to say, “Where’s my medication and let’s get to the product details”.

Bluetooth Speaker

A super versatile wireless speaker, the Buckshot Pro Ultra will pump music for 10 hours. That hi-fi sound and a surprising amount of bass will handle your playlist with ease. The multiple mount options include the standard 1/4”-20 thread, mounting clip, and bar mount. So you can strap, clip, and screw your way to sonic bliss. Rugged IP6 Water and Dust/Dirt Resistant We like to make stuff that can go anywhere. So we decided to make the Buckshot Pro Ultra with an IP6 rating. In short, that means it is ware and dust/dirt resistant. So go ahead and take the Buckshot Pro Ultra on a hike, a bike ride, or to the beach.

100 Lumen LED Flashlight

You’re a shining star in a dark sea of chaos but you aren’t alone. The Buckshot Pro Ultra is your copilot that helps you piece through the darkness that surrounds us all. Whoa… that was deep. Anyway, the Buckshot Pro Ultra has four lighting modes. Hi beam, low beam, strobe/SOS, and lantern mode. Need a light for your tent? The Buckshot Pro Ultra has got your back. Want to hold a seizure-inducing disco strobe party? Yup, we got that too.


Since the Buckshot Pro Ultra has a 2600 mAh rechargeable battery, we went ahead and added the ability to charge other devices. So maybe your GoPro needs some power or your phone is at 3% and you need to look up a good albondigas recipe. Just plug into the Buckshot Pro Ultra and the power flows.


• Loud Wireless Speaker

• 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

• 5V/1A power bank.

• IP6 water and dust/dirt resistant.

• LED flashlight with 4 lighting modes.

• Multiple mounting options.