Outdoor Tech Mantas True Wireless Earbuds

Color: Black


The Mantas earbuds stream wireless audio from your phone, computer, tablet, and just about any other Bluetooth device. These are True Wireless earbuds so there are no cables anywhere. Our athlete-inspired design and engineering have enabled perfect sound, sweat resistance, and an ultra-light, super comfortable, no-slip fit. The 12-hour playtime gives you plenty of time for your workout, bike ride, or run.

Top 5 Features:

12-hour playtime.

Ergonomic fit with all-day comfort.

Tap button controls.

Dual and single earbud capability.

No wires.

The Mantas are here to revolutionize your hike, workout, bike ride, and all your other activities. We made the Mantas for athletes but kept the cost down because not everyone is sponsored. These earbuds are completely wireless; there are no wires to hold you back. The secure-fit ear hooks make sure the Mantas stay put when doing what you do. We threw in multiple ear tip options for extended comfort. These lightweight earbuds are built for performance, with sweat and water resistance, so the Mantas can handle your workout. With up to 12 hours of playtime and powerful sound, you’ll always have your music or podcast to motivate you.

Pro Sound for Pro Athletes

We listened to professional athletes and amateurs alike in order to create True Wireless earbuds that can stand up to the toughest workouts. Our research tells us that the sound has to be amazing, the earbuds have to be comfortable, they have to look good, and function in the toughest conditions. You want everything, no compromises, so that’s what we created. We made sure that the Mantas audio is powerful and balanced with enhanced clarity and superior dynamic range. The Mantas sound amazing.

One Earbud or Two, The Choice is Yours

With the Mantas, you can use both earbuds for stereo sound or use one earbud for mono sound. Right, left, or both, enjoy 100% control over your audio and how you listen to it. In certain situations, it can be dangerous to have two earbuds in. When riding a road bike, you want to keep the ear that is closest to the cars open. When hitting some downhill trails on your mountain bike, you should keep an ear open to listen for wildlife and anyone that might be “on your left”. Whatever the application is, staying aware and being safe is important. For safety reasons, some state and local laws prohibit the use of headsets when operating a bicycle. So you should only use the Mantas for off-highway activities and do not use the Mantas at excessive volumes because it may cause permanent hearing damage.

Enough Power for the Whole Day

Wake up and run while listening to music. Commute to work listening to a podcast. Conference call during lunch. Hit the gym in the evening. The 12-hour playtime will get you through your busy, active day. If you forget to charge the Mantas at night, just plug in any micro USB cable to get full power in about an hour and a half. We also include a two-in-one split micro USB charging cable that enables you to charge both earbuds at the same time. That way you can spend less time worrying about powering up and more time powering ahead.