Outdoor Tech Minnows Universal

Color: Grey


Hi-fi wired earbuds with 3.5mm, Lightning, and USB C adapters. They might be removing ports on your phone but we aren't removing our support for you.

Your on-the-move soundtrack is sounding a little shallow. Dive deeper into the boom room with the Minnows Universal, Outdoor Tech’s minimalist earbuds with 3.5mm to USB C and Lightning adapters delivering maximalist sound.

These tiny sonic wonders offer everything you REALLY want in an earbud - durability, control, and above all, proper sound without draining your five-piece-bucket-and-fro-yo epic date night funds.

Your new phone might not have a 3.5mm port. Don’t worry, we got you fam. We are including 3.5mm to USB C and 3.5mm to Lightning adapters!

Lightweight ABS and rigid, machined aluminum combine to deliver crisp details without weighing down your ears, while the 10mm drivers push tight, controlled bass on the low end for your most bumping tracks.

Built-in controls on the heavy-duty cable keep you in control of your calls (both incoming and outgoing, with digi-assistant compatibility) and in control of your tunes.

The search is over for high-quality, affordable earbuds. If you can’t swim with the Minnows Universal, you’re shark bait.


3.5mm to Lightning adapter.

3.5mm to USB C adapter.

3-button in-line universal device control (iPhone & Android) with built-in omni-directional microphone).

10mm hi-fi drivers delivering full-spectrum, custom-tuned sound.

Heavy-duty, tangle-free TPU cable.

Includes 3 sizes of soft silicone ear tips for a custom fit.