Red Paddle ATB Transformer Bag



Highly engineered and adjustable ergonomic support for your shoulders and back

Fully customisable to your height ensures that the bag will take care of your body under load

Exterior compression straps to make bag more comfortable and compact

Interior paddle blade pocket and velcro securing system for paddle pieces

Lockable zippers with rubber pull tabs

Bagless carry system - pump and straps can easily be taken on the water removing risk of leaving equipment

Introducing a complete redesign of our bestselling inflatable SUP backpack. Highly engineered adjustable ergonomic support means that the ATB Bag now offers exceptional levels of support for your shoulders and back. Exterior straps mean that the bag can be compressed making it more comfortable and a pleasure to carry. It's now easier to pack away your paddle with an interior paddle blade pocket and a velcro securing system so your paddle is safe and secure while on the move. A large outer zip pocket means any essentials can be packed securely away and easily accessible.

Our revolutionary bag-less carry system has been designed with all paddleboarders in mind. For the adventurers, you can now go further and access more remote waterways without the need of a heavy bulky bag. Perfect for families, it's now easier, quicker and more convenient to pack up your kit after a long day at the beach.