Salomon MTN Carbon S3 Poles

Color: Black Yellow


Lightweight and durable, Salomon’s MTN CARBON S3 has a long EVA Ball grip designed to help your hand maintain a firm grasp in even the most challenging terrain. With an adjustable range of 100 – 135 cm, it is the indispensable pole for those wanting to explore the most hidden corners of the mountain


SHAFT: Carbon **** A 100% carbon pole, among the stiffest and lightest available.

GRIP: S3 Rubber and foam grip A bi-material grip combining rubber and foam with integrated S3 safety technology.

STRAP: S3 premium strap Salomon's safety, auto release strap for sketchy situations.

SHAFT: Easy lock system Easily adjusts the pole's length for better use.

SHAFT: Kevlar reinforcment Kevlar reinforcement of the lower part of the shaft to protect it from the sharp edges of the ski.

GRIP: Foam extension Foam grip extension beneath the grip.

SHAFT - Lower shaft carbon ****14mm - Upper shaft carbon ****16mm

TIP: Carbide/widia tip Premium tip for ice and hard snow.

BASKET: Interchangeable basket system Plastic ring that allows you to screw-on different baskets when needed.

BASKET: Ski mountaineering basket Asymmetrical basket specifically designed for ski mountaineering. DESIGN Screen printing design