Sidecut Pocket Diamond Stone



ll SIDECUT Diamond Stones come with a precision machined flat aluminum backing plate that is colour anodized and laser-embossed displaying the grit. Best of all - when the diamond surface wears out you simply peel off and replace with a new self-adhesive sheet. Saving you money and allowing you to replace the diamond as needed.


200 grit - Course is best used for burr removal and sharpening. This stone will even sharpen your edges without using a file first. It's always a good idea to carry one in your pocket for a quick hand sharpen or to remove rock damage on the mountain.

400 grit - Medium is used for sharpening and polishing. The most commonly used diamond and a good in-between grit.

600 grit - Fine is best used for the polishing and finishing of your edges.


For best results use with SIDECUT polishing oil.

Oil improves sharpening and polishing time, the speed of the edges and greatly improves the longevity of all your Diamond Stones because it's also used to clean them.

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Used For: Race, All-Mountain, Powder skis and Snowboards.