Sidecut WC Analog Wax Iron



Finally an economical wax iron that accurately controls temperature.


Features a red LED control light that toggles on/off indicating accurate temperature is maintained

Melts even the hardest waxes with ease

A smooth control dial to easily adjust temperature by 1.0º increments and has a range from 80º-170ºCelsius or 176º-338ºFahrenheit

Contains a memory function that displays the last temperature you set each time it's turned on

Built-in microprocessor to precisely control temperature fluctuations

The solid and compact ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a several positions

Features a polished aluminium base-plate that distributes wax more evenly and improves flow

Smooth rounded edges eliminate the chance of damaging your bases

Extra thick base plate ensures superb heat retention.

Dimensions of the soleplate: L145mm x W105mm x Thickness = 18mm Power = 1000Watts. 100-127Voltage range

A long 2.0 meter power cord makes it easy to use without an extension cord

Used For: Race, Alpine, Nordic and Snowboard.