Spy Crusher Elite Jr Goggle

Color: Space Case


SPY+ premium lenses eliminate distortion at all angles, increasing clarity and providing an optimal viewing experience while reducing eye strain and fatigue

Anti-fog cylindrical dual-lens provides increased optical clarity

Anti-scratch coating provides enhanced impact protection

100% UV protection shields your eyes against damaging high-altitude sunlight

Custom built from fexible, durable polyurethane for seasons of use

RISE™ ventilation system utilizes the Venturi efect to draw air through subframe vents above the goggle, creating a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens

Triple-layer Isotron™ face foam with feece provides comfort while drawing fog-causing sweat of your face

Subtle notches in the frame and face foam allow for seamless OTG (over the glasses) integration with RX eyeglasses

Compatible with the most popular helmets on the planet

Silicone-lined strap prevents the goggle from slipping on your helmet or headwear