Swiss Army Hiker



Key features

Your companion for a weekend outdoors

Swiss made pocket knife with 13 functions

Includes a wood saw and Phillips screwdriver

Item number 1.4613

Height 16.5 mm

Length 91 mm

Weight 77 g.

Medium Pocket Knife with Screwdriver and Saw

When you have an Officer's knife in your hand, you're holding more than 100 years of Victorinox tradition. And the tradition lives on with the Hiker. If you feel most at home when you're way out there, then this is the pocket knife for you. Its 13 functions are everything you need as you wander through the wilderness. Pack your Hiker pocket knife and enjoy each beautiful, tranquil, relaxing step.


large blade
small blade
can opener
screwdriver 3 mm
bottle opener
screwdriver 6 mm
wire stripper
reamer, punch and sewing awl
Phillips screwdriver
1/2 wood saw
key ring