Swiss Army Tinker

Color: Red


Key features

The ideal companion for all crafty men and women

Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions

Includes a reamer, punch and a Phillips screwdriver

Item number 1.4603

Height 14 mm

Length 91 mm

Weight 62 g.

Medium Pocket Knife with Phillips Screwdriver

Whether you're simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Tinker pocket knife is the Officer's knife for tinkers on the move. You never know what you'll encounter out there, but you know that you and your Tinker pocket knife will always be ready to build, hack or fix anything.


large blade
small blade
can opener
screwdriver 3 mm
bottle opener
screwdriver 6 mm
wire stripper
reamer, punch and sewing awl
Phillips screwdriver 1/2
key ring