Theragun Elite Package



Theragun Elite Our quietest treatment ever in an elevated, premium design.

Our powerful deep muscle treatment, in an ultra-quiet smart percussive therapy device with advanced sound insulation.

Elite works deep to melt away tension and release soreness, empowering you to care for your body daily.

1-Year Warranty

QuietForce Technology QX65: The motor behind our quietest device ever

We leveraged advanced sound insulation around the QX65 model of our proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology to create the quietest experience possible. Elite's motor delivers up to 40 lbs. of additional no-stall force while running quieter than a standard electric toothbrush. And with Active Torque Control™, the Elite maintains all that power without diluting treatment speed or quality.

What’s Included

• Theragun Elite

• Protective Carrying Case

• 5 Attachments • Dampener • Standard Ball • Wedge • Thumb • Cone • Power Adapter

Elite Accessories

Our new 4th generation accessories make your treatment experience more seamless than ever. Elite is compatible with these convenient, treatment-enhancing accessories.

• Elite Wireless Charging Stand

• Multi-Device Wireless Charger

• World Travel Charger

• All 4th Generation Attachments