Voile CamLock 2 Carbon Ski Poles



Tired of twisting gizmos? Or planting a heavy, clunky pole? Our lightweight carbon fiber 2-section ski poles make for a very ergonomic pole swing. And their length can be fine-tuned anywhere between 100 and 135mm. This adjustment is made easily, thanks to each pole's overbuilt, all-metal cam lock. The Voilé Topsheet Scraper rids your skis of excess snow weight and allows easy access to climbing elevators.

One pair of poles. One pole installed with snow scraper. Adjustment range 100cm to 135cm.


Color Orange/Black

Part Number 1152

Weight(lbs/kg) 1 lb 4 oz/564g per pair

Extended Range 100cm to 135cm

Material Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Benefits/Uses Snow scraper, cam lock system