Alpine Aire Forever Young Mac & Cheese



A classic dish to bring along on your backcountry hiking escape, made with three cheese sauce and the vegetable additions of peas, carrots and corn.

Packaging clearly shows allergens and nutritional information, and has a graduated scale on one side, so you know how much water to add.

Ingredients: pasta, spiral (ground durum wheat semolina, water, salt.), cheddar cheese [(milk, salt, cultures, and enzymes) and disodium phosphate. may contain sodium silico aluminate at 2%], romano cheese [(pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes) and disodium phosphate], butter powder [whey solids, enzyme modified butter, maltodextrin, salt, dehydrated butter, guar gum, annatto and turmeric (for color)], diced carrots, potato starch, parmesan cheese powder (partially skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, disodium phosphate), sweet corn, peas, sea salt, white onion, white pepper.

Allergens: contains soy and wheat.

No cooking needed, simply add water, stir, wait and enjoy.

Meals have a 5-year shelf life.